The Official Companion Guide to Doodle Jump

Love Doodle Jump more than you love your pets, children, or partner? Then you need this in your life…

Everything you could possibly want to know about Doodle Jump – the history, spin-offs, records, and even tips – in one lovingly crafted package.

All the bases

Whether it’s the game’s background, unusual and unexpected spin-offs, fun facts, an exclusive video interview with one of Lima Sky’s founders, a chat with the current record-holder, and, yes, even tips to improve your game – you get all this and a whole lot more.

His story

Doodle Jump is a worldwide phenomenon, sure, but it almost didn’t happen – the Doodler’s road to success has been as captivating as his activities on portable screens. Discover his story so far: from his origin, to a difficult start, to global domination.

Rising high

A unique opportunity to dive into the mind of the current Doodle Jump record-holder with our in-depth interview. There are also exclusive tips from the man himself, and videos of his achievement (including previously unseen footage of his 24 million highscore run).


Expect a comprehensive look at every aspect of the game, including detailed breakdowns of every themed version so far – what, when, and how to be better at them. Ultimately, if it’s Doodle Jump related, it’s in here.

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