The Official Guide to BADLAND

Learn how to be good in a land that's so, so bad

Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous graphics, lovely locations, and sumptuous sounds… BADLAND is deadly.

The key components

Specifically produced for beginners and those looking to increase their skill, this guide delivers everything you need to improve your performance: survive for longer (and more successfully) against the game’s treacherous traps.

Fly, be three (or 20)

From secret Achievements to a complete breakdown of the power-ups (and why you should know what they look like and what they do intimately), everything is geared towards helping you boost your end-of-level Clone count.

Exclusive video walkthroughs

Having to tough it out but getting nowhere? Frogmind has not only selected but also produced its own set of video walkthroughs exclusively for the guide, and will continue to do so each time it adds new levels to the game.

No Clones accepted

From an in-depth interview with the minds behind the game, to a full set of ‘expert tips’, and even the selection of the hardest levels to feature in the walkthroughs, Frogmind’s input is at the very core of this guide.

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