The Clasher’s Guide to Clash of Clans

Everything you need to know to become a Master Clasher!

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Supercell’s stunning strategic masterpiece is insanely popular. Which means you’ll face some tough competition – unless you get help.

Ready for battle

Everything you need to know in order to become a master Clasher – from the very basics to help new players kick off a successful campaign, to the key information and tactics that seasoned souls refer to.

Supreme strategy

Each section is packed with tactical help and backed with the key data that matters – Hit Points, Upgrade Cost/Time, Town Hall level requirements, Damage stats, Range, Research options, and more.

Every detail

You get complete breakdowns of the game’s key elements: Resources, Army Buildings, Defenses, Troops, Heroes, and Spells – if it’s Clash of Clans related, and you need to know it, it’s in here.

Survival skills

Full complement of essential tips, including Defense, Offense, Currency, and Best Clan Practice – get to know the tricks and techniques leading Clashers use to enhance their strategic skills.


This is hands down the best Clash of Clans information app. I can’t stress how epic this is. Please delete your other information apps – this one beats the heck out of them!


Steel Media, I want to give you a pat on the back because this app is truly flawless. It could have something at the end to sum it all up, but otherwise, this is an amazing app and was worth the time.


I only recently started playing COC. Wish I had this then I would have started differently. Slowly getting it right thanks to this guide. Totally brilliant.

Phil Godwin

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