The Official Guide to Star Command

Boldly go where few iOS guides have gone before

A delightful mix of action, strategy, ship-on-ship combat, and gorgeous pixel art that’s as intoxicating as Klingon bloodwine but as tough as the Borg.

Full mission walkthrough

Can’t get past a certain battle? Got your previously impeccable strategy in a tizzy? Or are you just apprehensive about the unknown? Then you’ll need to consult our level-by-level walkthrough, young ensign.

All the essentials

Get to know Star Command the way a Starfleet captain should by studying the guide’s complete breakdowns of the game’s key elements: crew, rooms, and ships (including all upgrade paths, logically).

Star map

Take a break from all the lasers, explosions, and outer space death by touring our relaxing, interactive Star Map. Plan your next trip assault or just get a sense of where everything is in the Star Command universe.

Tips, tricorders, and Tribbles

Actually it’s just tips. But, praise the Federation, there’s a Class M planet-sized load of them (handily segregated into defence, offence, and general categories). So log in and absorb without shame – even Picard needed a little help now and then.

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