The Official Guide to Tiny Troopers 2

Listen up, soldier – this could save your digital life

Pinned down by Tiny Troopers 2’s difficult, deadly missions? Get yourself back up and do a tour of duty in this guide, private.

Boot camp

Every core aspect of the game broken down into lean, mean knowledge machines: Operations & missions, Command Points, Medals, Multiplier, Collectables, Rank, Store, Achievements, and more.

Tactical treat

Full level-by-level walkthrough strategies and tips for each of the game’s Operations. Whether you follow them systematically or adapt into your existing tactics, know that it’s the info you need to succeed.

Weapons ready

Get to know every weapon and equipment upgrade better than you know your mamma, before getting a similar lowdown on the Specialist ‘for hire’ units, as well as the various Uniforms available.

Reliable intel

In addition to the strategic help given in the level walkthroughs, the guide also recruits a list of key hints and tips – both from the veteran Pocket Gamer team and the game’s developer, Kukouri.

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