The Official Guide to Pocket Trains

Want to become a railroad tycoon?

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Everything you need to know in order to rule the railways has just pulled into the station.

All Aboard

From gameplay, Engines, Fuel Cars, or Breakdowns, to Crates, Events, Trading, or Awards – and everything in between – we’ve got all of the fundamentals covered.

Journey Planner

Plan out your railroad network on our interactive world map in order to work out the most efficient layout first, then recreate it within Pocket Trains. No more need to waste coins trying things out in-game (iOS version only).

Bang for your Bux

You get a complete breakdown of the Engines (including info and stats), as well as the Cars (with high and low value cargo), essential tips, an exclusive interview with NimbleBit on all things Pocket Trains, and more.

On schedule

As with all of our guides, rest assured we continue to update The Official Pocket Gamer Pocket Trains Guide alongside the game. So as it develops, so does the guide.

All artwork and Pocket Trains logos are copyright of NimbleBit. This guide in this format is copyright of Steel Media Ltd.

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