The Pocket Gamer Guide to Boom Beach

Who wants to be a super trooper?

If you play Supercell’s beach-invading strategy fest, you’ll want to take this guide into battle with you.

War ready

From the very basics to help newcomers kick off a successful campaign, to key information and tactics for seasoned players, this is the comprehensive, must-download reference.

Stats & strategy

Each section is packed with tactical help and backed with the key data that matters – Hit Points, Upgrade Cost/Time, Damage stats, HQ level requirements, and more…

Supercell specialists

Brought to you by the team responsible for The Clasher’s Guide to Clash of Clans, arguably the App Store’s most loved Clash of Clans reference app.

Regular reinforcements

As usual with all of our guides, we continue to update The Pocket Gamer Guide to Boom Beach alongside the game. So as Boom Beach develops, so does our guide.

All artwork and Boom Beach logos are copyright of Supercell. This guide in this format is copyright of Steel Media Ltd.

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